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Hey ya’ll! I’ve never promoted anything or anyone before but a great friend of mine is competing in competition to get the most likes on her Facebook post so she can get backstage passes to this band that she loves!!! She asked me to like it and help her out and I have, but what she doesn’t know is that I have and amazing 8,440 followers on here and I would love to help her win!   She also said she’s going to delete the post after the competition over (this Friday) So you won’t receive any notifications ect.  

So please! if you could help me out, go like her post! It is currently at 213 likes, let’s send that number up to two or three thousand likes or even more! I would love to see the smile on her face if she wins and then surprise her and tell her that I promoted her to you all

Thank you! And thank you for all your support and follows, love ya’ll!   :) 


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perfect outfit, I love it

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